Kathleen Dubuque-Gallo

Financial Services Representative, Insurance Representative

Domicile State: CT

As a Financial Services Representative, Kathleen's mission is to assist individuals, families and business owners in defining their insurance needs for those who matter most. She is trained and licensed to provide insurance solutions to her clients and prospects. Her goal is to become a lifelong resource to her clients and is dedicated to assisting them through the various stages of their financial lives. At New England Financial Group, Kathleen is able to utilize the team approach and draw upon the wealth of knowledge of her associates to create a custom designed financial strategies for her clients.

Kathleen holds a Masters in Mathematics Education and a Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Connecticut University.

As a lifelong educator, Kathleen Dubuque-Gallo is passionate about helping others to achieve their goals by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities for growth.  She comes to NEFG with over 15 years of experience in teaching mathematics, where she helped people to breakdown difficult concepts based on their individual learning styles.  Kathleen tailors her approach in working with clients to meet their specific needs, with a particular focus on financial education and goal achievement.


I can be reached by Phone or Email. 

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